J Cortes

J Cortes

J. Cortes Mini – the refined taste of this small cigar reminds one of the richness of the most sought-after tobaccos. Its unequalled success is positive proof of its qualities: seductive packaging, mini size in line with current developments and carefully selected ingredients.

J. Cortes Club – with the Club, you enter the world of classic cigars. This highly aromatic panatela will provide as much pleasure to the connoisseur as to the occasional smoker.

J. Cortes Royal Class – the most sought-after leaves from North Sumatra have been selected for its wrapper so as to create a light and aromatic cigar. A youthful and distinguished size rolled into a cedar leaf and presented in an aluminium tube.

J. Cortes High Class – a blend of the best vintages with a wholesome and delicate flavour. Packed in a metal tube, you’ll exude class by using the cedar wrapper to light your corona without the flame touching the foot of the cigar.


Neos Cappuccino – With this selection, discover a new sensation with a surprising taste and gentle aroma. The warm colour of its packaging seduces new consumers.

Neos Chocolate – Discover the surprising sweet taste of this fine cigarillo enriched with a pleasant chocolate flavour. The subtle sweetness makes this cigarillo a pleasant smoke at any time of the day.

Neos Vanilla – The utmost care and rigorous controls have gone into the manufacturing of these cigarillos, which are among the finest in the market. They owe their unrivalled balance to their 100% Java tobacco wrapper. Thanks to its unique colours, the packaging stands for maximum elegance and visibility.

Neos Reserva – These cigarillos offer all the pleasure and mildness of the aromas present in the best tobaccos together with the finest leafs in the world.

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